DongGuan PowerWell Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Collaborative Innovation Park, Tianqiao Road, Hengli Town, Dongguan City. It is mainly engaged in power heads for high-end turning and milling machine tools. At the end of 2013, the company began to get involved in the power tool holder industry monopolized by foreign countries. It has overcome technical barriers in four years, and created the patent of Baowei power tool holder based on the blockade of foreign brand technology patents: polymer nano-ceramic coating process, greatly Improve the service life of the driven tool holder.

      In 2017, it established its own brand "POWER WEII/POWEEY" and the Chinese trademark "堡威", and officially entered the power tool holder market. The company has strong supporting processing capabilities, as... .More>>

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Our advantage

High working intensity
The gear modulus is large, and the tapered roller shaft is used to improve the rigidity of the tool holder
A wider range of clamping tool specifications
BMT series standard general series, coupling DIN1809 is the international general standard
Processing different kinds of products
Various processes: turning, milling, tapping, planing, drilling, hobbing, slotting, etc.
Longer warranty
The guarantee period of foreign counterparts is 3 months, and our products have a 1-year guarantee period

Product center

Brand image

With the increasing complexity of machining parts, the improvement of precision grades and the improvement of machining efficiency, multi-axial and high speed have become necessary conditions for machine tools. In addition to the integration of machining centers, the lathe has been transformed from the early horizontal lathe Many new processing forms have been developed, such as double turrets, vertical lathes, inverted lathes, and turning-milling complex machines, which can be processed into drilling power heads...



  • BMT90 end milling head power toolholders are welcome to call us, poweey is not deformed


    The driven tool holder of the BMT90 end milling head power tool holder refers to the tool holder installed on the power turret and driven by a servo motor. This kind of tool holder is generally used on turning and milling machines, and a few can be used on machining centers with powered turrets. How…

  • What are the characteristics of the drilling power head?


    The problems that should be paid attention to when replacing the belt pulley of the drilling power head. The drilling power tool holder is now widely used. The belt wheel of the drilling power tool holder will inevitably show signs of wear and cracking over time, so changing the pulley is also calle…

  • The main components of the power head


    The main components of the power head: (1) main motion, (2) feed motion, (3) control system, (4) mechanical structure characteristics

  • What are the specific classifications of driven tool holders?


    According to the structure and shape, it can be divided into 0°powered toolholders, 90°powered toolholders, right-angle retractable power toolholders, eccentric power toolholders, dual-axis output power toolholders, and other special-purpose toolholders (such as: Wan According to the cooling method,…


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