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BMT fixed tool holde
BMT series double hole boring tool holder

Category:BMT fixed tool holder

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BMT series double hole boring tool holder

1. Installation of turning tool:

(1) The turning tool should not extend too long from the tool holder, and should extend as short as possible. Because the turning tool extends too long, the rigidity of the tool holder is relatively weakened. Under the action of the cutting force during cutting, vibration is prone to occur, which makes the surface of the turned workpiece not smooth. Generally, the extended length of the turning tool does not exceed twice the thickness of the tool bar.
(2) The height of the tip of the turning tool should be aligned with the center of the workpiece. Installing the turning tool too high or too low will cause the angle of the turning tool to change and affect cutting. According to experience, when rough turning the outer circle, the turning tool can be installed slightly higher than the center of the workpiece; when finishing the outer circle, the turning tool can be installed slightly lower than the center of the workpiece, which depends on the size of the workpiece diameter. , Regardless of installation height or installation, generally cannot exceed 1% of the workpiece diameter. Take turning external circle (or horizontal turning) as an example. When the turning tool tip is higher than the axis of the workpiece, the position of the turning plane and the base surface changes, the rake angle increases, and the back angle decreases: otherwise, the front angle As the angle decreases, the relief angle increases. The skew of the turning tool installation has a greater impact on the main deflection angle and the secondary deflection angle, especially when threading, it will cause errors in the tooth profile half-angle. Therefore, the correct installation of turning tools is an important step to ensure processing quality, reduce tool wear, and increase tool life.
(3) The gaskets used for loading turning tools should be flat, and use thick gaskets as much as possible to reduce the number of pieces, generally only 2-3 pieces. If the number of pad blades is too large or uneven, the turning tool will vibrate and affect cutting. And make each shim directly below the knife bar, and the front end is flush with the edge of the knife seat.
(4) After the turning tool is installed, the screw of the tool holder should be tightened. Generally, two screws should be tightened. When tightening, it should be tightened one by one in rotation. At the same time, it should be noted that special wrenches must be used, and casings are not allowed, so as not to damage the screws due to excessive force.
2. Tool setting:
Before the execution of the processing program, adjust the tool position point of each tool to make it coincide with an ideal reference point as much as possible. This process is called tool setting. The ideal reference point can be set on the tip of the reference knife, or on the positioning center of the tool setting instrument (such as the intersection of the cross reticle in the optical tool setting mirror). Tool setting is generally divided into two categories: manual tool setting and automatic tool setting. At present, the vast majority of CNC lathes (especially lathes) adopt manual tool setting, and the commonly used methods include positioning tool setting method, optical tool setting method, and trial cutting tool setting method.

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