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What are the characteristics of the drilling power head?

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What are the characteristics of the drilling power head?

Issues that should be paid attention to when replacing the belt pulley of drilling power tool holder

Drilling power tool holders are widely used nowadays. Over time, the belt pulley of drilling power tool holders will inevitably show signs of wear and cracking, so changing the pulley is also called skill work.

Briefly introduce what to pay attention to when changing the pulley.

First, remove the pulley box cover, loosen the 4 hexagon socket screws that fix the motor plate, loosen the positioning bolts, lower the motor to reduce the tension of the belt, use a fixed wrench to fix the pulley washer, and tighten the fixing screws and the pulley to be replaced. Install the motor shaft and main shaft, install the pulley washer and fixing screws, recognize the tension of the belt and lift the motor with the positioning bolt, adjust the belt tension, install the pulley box cover, etc. The specific operation process of replacing the pulley is expected to help everyone.

We all know that its structure is under the front of the frame of the direct throw belt conveyor which is composed of the frame, the conveyor belt and the power transmission organization. It passes through the vertical rod connection channel, and the steering organization and the steering motor are connected to the bottom of the channel. The lower part of the organization is connected with the frame of a small steering belt conveyor composed of a frame, a conveyor belt and a power transmission organization. Through the simple steering movement of the small steering belt conveyor, the utility model replaces the rotation of all large direct throw belt conveyors, and then saves space, facilitates operations such as warehouse change and stacking, and makes the belt conveyor more use Convenience, the transportation of materials is more convenient, and the working power is obviously improved.

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