BMT series power head

BMT55-0 double-head driven tool holder (one for two)

BMT55-0 double-head driven tool holder (one for two)

How should the power toolholder supplier perform maintenance before use?

Refers to the common wearing parts in the field of construction machinery, and it is necessary to extend its life. So how should we respond

What about daily maintenance?

Baowei said

The power tool holder supplier should perform preliminary maintenance before using it, just like the car has a run-in period.

Not only need maintenance after use, but also need attention before use. Therefore, Baowei Company reminds customers that they must run-in first when using the new power head, so that the no-load speed is generally 70% of the high speed for one hour.

The coolant must be filtered before it can be put into use. The unfiltered coolant may cause damage to parts, such as internal parts and oil seals. Excessive wear and tear can lead to failure and affect production efficiency. Don't forget to turn on the coolant before use. This is also for Reduce the wear of oil seals and mechanical parts, so pay special attention.

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