BMT series power head

BMT55-90 milling power head

BMT55-90 milling power head

What are the special purpose power heads?
In addition to the conventional milling power heads, there are also some special milling power heads, which can expand the processing range of the turning center. Now, Baowei company will introduce us to some common special milling power heads! The special milling power heads produced by Baowei Company include adjustable Y-axis milling power heads, also called pseudo Y-axis milling power heads. For turning centers without Y-axis, sometimes they may encounter drilling and slot milling that deviate from the spindle center. For milling planes and other processes, we can use eccentric power heads (false Y-axis power heads), which can adjust the machining plane of the tool, translate it to a specific value along the Y-axis direction, and complete the corresponding processing. There is also an eccentric power head. When the Y-axis travel is not enough, the Y-axis offset tool holder can be used to compensate the Y-axis travel.

The power head can reach 15,000 rpm. After data testing, the torque can reach 150, which can easily process a variety of products. The power head has become a lathe working enterprise, and the product precision is good. If you don’t understand something that is convenient for the power head, we can consult Baowei. Baowei is a processing manufacturer with more than ten years of experience. This is an automation technology company. The company address is in Dongguan. The company's products are very good, and the service is also very attentive.

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