BMT series power head

BMT65-0 End Milling Unit

BMT65-0 End Milling Unit

What are the characteristics of the BMT65-0 end milling unit?
The power head refers to the tool holder installed on the power turret and driven by a servo motor. This kind of powered tool holder is generally used on turning and milling machines, and a few can be used on machining centers with powered turrets.

So what are the characteristics of most driven tool holders? The power toolholder produced by Baowei Company adopts high rigidity, high-quality bearings, high torque and high speed. At the same time, its power toolholder also has ultra-high precision. The internal noise reduction design of the power toolholder makes it quieter. The power tool holder of Baowei Company is sealed with Teflon material to ensure good sealing performance. With a reasonable shape design, it can reduce various interferences.

Instructions for use:

1. Don't use it without turning on the coolant, the internal oil seal may wear out quickly;

2. In order to avoid excessive wear of the internal parts of the power tool holder or damage to the oil seal, the coolant needs to have a proper filtering device;

3. Do not exceed the rated speed of the tool holder;

4. Do not exceed the allowable water pressure of the tool holder;

5. Use knives as water outlet knives with a center;

6. It needs to be used with water stop collet and water stop nut;

7. Before use, confirm that there is no blockage at the internal and external water spray;

8. Water must be supplied before operation to avoid overheating;

9. The external water spray can be turned off when only the water is discharged from the center;

10. When closing the external water outlet, use screws to seal the external water spray;

11. It is forbidden to knock the outside of workpieces such as hammers;

12. For the first use, it can rotate at 70% of the speed without load for 1 hour to achieve the running-in effect.

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