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DongGuan PowerWell Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd.

       DongGuan PowerWell Automatic Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Collaborative Innovation Park, Tianqiao Road, Hengli Town, Dongguan City. It is mainly engaged in power heads for high-end turning and milling machine tools. At the end of 2013, the company began to get involved in the power head industry monopolized by foreign countries, overcoming technical barriers in four years, and pioneering the patent of Poweey power tool holder: polymer nano-ceramic coating process on the basis of the blockade of foreign brand technology patents. The service life of the power head is improved. Established its own brand "POWER WEII/POWEEY" in 2017, and officially entered the power head market. The company has strong supporting processing capabilities, as well as dust-free workshop assembly and strict quality management system measures. Fundamentally guarantee the accuracy and product quality of Bowei power toolholders. Poweey’s main products include: various BMT power toolholders, BMT fixed toolholders, moving tool power toolholders, etc., and various power tools can also be customized according to customer needs Head and driven tool holder.

Poweey, the leader of China's power tool holder
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